Cal Poly Pomona
College of Business Administration

  • GBA 6410 Social Media Analytics and Text Mining (MSBA Core)
  • GBA 6050 Business Data Analytics and Modeling (Hybrid MBA Core)
  • CIS 3650 Digital Analytics / Web and Mobile Analytics (CIS Option Elective)
  • CIS 315 Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design (CIS Option Core)
  • CIS 311 Interactive and Responsive Web Development (CIS Option Core)
  • CIS 305/3050 Database Design and Development (CIS Option Core)
  • CIS 304 Intermediate Java Programming for Business (CIS Option Core)
  • CIS 299 Internet Startup Technology and Strategy (Unrestricted Elective)
  • CIS 234 Object-Oriented Programming with Java (CIS Option Core)
  • CIS 101/1010 Introduction to Personal Computing (Business Major Required Support)
  • CIS 499 Open-Source Web 2.0 Technologies (CIS Option Elective)

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Claremont Graduate University
School of Information Systems and Technology

  • IST 344 Data Analytics and Visualization (MBA Elective, PhD Elective)
  • IST 398 Independent Study on Digital Product Management (MBA Elective)
  • IST 345 Tools and Techniques of Data Analytics (MS Elective, PhD Elective)
  • IST 324 Digital Product Management (MBA Elective, PhD Elective)
  • IST 316/IST 322 Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MBA Elective, PhD Elective)
  • IS 346 Social Technologies (MS Elective, PhD Elective)

Pepperdine University
Graziadio Business School

  • ISTM 654 Information Systems For Business and Management (MBA Core)

California State University Fresno
Craig School of Business

  • IS 183 Advanced Web Site Design and Management (IS Option Core)
  • IS 130 Management Information System (Business Major Required)
  • IS 51 Programming Fundamental (IS Option Core)

California State University Channel Islands
Martin V. Smith School of Business & Economics

  • BUS 550 Management Information Systems in Contemporary Firms (MBA Core)

Illinois State University
College of Applied Science and Technology

  • ACS 432 Systems Analysis and Design
  • ACS 357 Network/Data Communications
  • ACS 168 Structured Problem Solving Using the Computer (C Programming)
  • ACS 160 Foundations of Information Technology

College of Business

  • MKT 230 Introduction to Marketing Management